I am now in my 50’s, I live in the East Lancashire town of Nelson in Pendle, Lancashire – home of the infamous Pendle Witches.

I was recently diagnosed with Autism, after years of believing I was dealing with depression and anxiety, which has forced me in the last two years to spend a lot more time alone at home – because I am finding it increasingly difficult to leave the house, to go anywhere social, unless I have someone with me. Leaving my house alone, within minutes gives me a feeling of foreboding and dread. I feel threatened and uncomfortable the whole time I am out alone.

Due to my failing health and being unable to work and pretty much trapped in a dingy terrace house,
with little prospect of being able to move due to the cost involved, and my lack of cash.

In recent years (2013 to 2017) I spent 3 months of my summers in Mavisehir on the Aegean coast of Turkey, with my friend. Winter is spent at home – mainly because there is central heating! The years I was able to spend my summers in Turkey were doing a great job of keeping my mental health at a manageable level for the rest of the year. But since other factors have made it impossible to continue the 3 months a year in Turkey surrounded by friends, my metal state has deteriorated rather badly. Without something changing soon – I can’t see my life getting better anytime soon… I will just have to see what the next hurdle is thrown at me.

I had a little dog called Pepsi since she was 18 months old, she’s passed away on 3rd July 2017 at the ripe old age of 16.

Just after Christmas 2020 in the first year of Covid-19 lockdowns, I got myself a new little 18 month old Pomeranian-Pug cross – originally called Melvin, I renamed him Marvin.